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Yuridia WalMart Soundcheck

Mensaje por Francisco el Miér 12 Nov 2008, 17:54

Yuridia WalMart Soundcheck
Burbank, California
12 de mayo de 2008

About The Artist

Soundcheck spends a day in Los Angeles with rising young star Yuridia as she unleashes her third solo album, 'Entre Mariposas' ('Amongst Butterflies'). The 21 year-old singer has come a long way since a popular Mexican reality show ('La Academia') made her a national phenomenon. Watching Yuridia perform on our Burbank soundstage, we're betting that she's about to take on American audiences, too. Check out her charismatic set - and pick up a copy of 'Entre Mariposas' online and in Wal-Mart stores nationwide!

-The Crew at Wal-Mart Soundcheck

On Travel And Butterflies:
"'Entre Mariposas' is different from my other albums because it's the first original one I've made. It's the first time that I got to write and be more involved with the music and the people that I (chose) to work with. It was a lot of fun to do and it talks a lot more about my life. Writing songs is tough but you get to learn a lot of things traveling and meeting new people. I hear a lot of stories from my friends and family that give me ideas to write music and lyrics."

On Lessons In Reality:
"My experience in 'La Academia' really prepared me for what I'm living right now. I get to go through really hard things. When I was in there I wasn't able to see my family a lot so I'm living a lot of that right now. I travel so much and I don't get to see my family as often as I'd like to. I guess it made me tough through the years - now I can go two hours without seeing my mom and I know I'll be fine!"

On Her Fans:
"I like touring a lot because I get to meet a lot of interesting people. It's my favorite part. To all my fans, I would like to say thank you, first of all for always being there, for following me, for listening to me, for watching me, for being a witness to my career and everything I've gone through. I just want to say thank you."

Did You Know?
- She's a Libra. Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores was born October 4, 1986 in Sonora, México.
- She's a mom. Yuridia has a son, Phoenix with fellow 'La Academia' contestant Edgar Guerrero.
- She's one of the few successful artists to emerge from a reality show. Yuridia won second place on the hit television show, 'La Academia'.
- She has a nickname. While appearing on her reality show, audiences gave Yuridia the nickname 'Voz de un Ángel' or 'Voice of an Angel.'
- She's already picked up some prominent awards. In 2007, Yuridia took home a Latin Billboard Award for Best Pop Female Album.
- She co-writes some of her songs. Her new album, 'Entre Mariposas' has her working with several prolific co-writers. Yuridia co-wrote the album's first single, 'Ahora Entendí'.
- One of Yuridia's signature hits is a cover of Robbie Williams' popular track, 'Angels' - which she dedicated to her late brother, Danny.

The Set List

Yo Por Él ('For Him I Would')
Yuridia begins her Soundcheck set with a beautiful ballad from the album 'Entre Mariposas,' her first collection of original tunes. Written by Maldonado and Salvador Rizo, 'Yo Por Él' ('For Him I Would') is a searing torch song dedicated to that special soulmate. Sings Yuridia: "Yo por él. Daría hasta la eternidad. Pero aún así no he podido econtrar. Que le da quien ya esta junto a el." ("For him I would give an eternity... yet I haven't found what he gets from the one he is with now.")

Ahora Entendi ('I Understand')
This is the first single from 'Entre Mariposas' and it's easy to see why it's already a huge hit in México. Written by Yuridia herself (with co-writer Mario Domm), 'Ahora Entendí' showcases Yuridia's romantic side. Sings Yuridia: "Hoy sigo buscando lentamente tu mirada." ("I'm anxiously awaiting your attention, your stare...")

Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado ('This Ain't A Love Song')
A Bon Jovi cover song is the last thing we'd expect from this Soundcheck - but Yuridia delivers a stripped-down rendition that reinterprets the original tune in a whole different way. Though the song has been covered by an international array of artists, Yuridia's Spanish version has been the most successful to date. Sweet and poignant, the song is a highlight of Yuridia's set.

En Su Lugar ('In His Shoes')
Co-written by Yuridia (with Calderon and Etore Grenci), 'En Su Lugar' ('In His Shoes') is the lead-off track from Yuridia's album, 'Entre Mariposas.' Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a piano, Yuridia tells a tale of unrequited love: "Todo llega a su fin. No puedo dejarte ir. Maldita soledad. Quererte es lo que amo más..." ("All things come to an end. I can't let you go. Damn this loneliness, wanting you is what I love...")

Originally penned by British pop star Robbie Williams with co-writer Guy Chambers, 'Angel' is another cover today that's been given a special Spanish re-working. The song was released in 2005 as Yuridia's debut single and became a massive hit in Central America before crossing over to the US charts. Today, Yuridia delivers an affecting performance of the song that proves she really does possess the 'Voice of an Angel.'

Ganas De Volar ('Desire To Fly')
For our final track from Yuridia's third solo album, 'Entre Mariposas,' Yuridia's voice soars. Accompanied by her spirited band, Yuridia takes a seat, and delivers a passionate tale about the highs of love: "Quiereme, elevame, enciendeme la vida. Sigueme, tu eres mi razon..." ("Wanting to fly, love me, lift me, light my life on fire. Follow me, you are my reason to live...")

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